Incorporation of Company

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In a case of an incorporation of a Company in India, the three foreign directors of the proposed Company were based in three different countries. Due to their busy schedule, they were unable to travel to India to perform the formalities of incorporation; and  they intended to incorporate and start business operations in India within 7 Days.


We knew this would be a great challenge for us, since we had a 7-day time frame and incorporation of a Company involves various procedures like obtaining Digital Signature Certificates, filing a proposed name and approval to the Registrar of Companies (ROC), drafting the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and the like.


The client approached us for assistance concerning this issue. We initially analysed their requirements and understood that they intended to set up a new venture with minimum costs.

We could use our HLBI international network offices to help the directors in 3 different countries to collate the documents, notarise it & also apostile the same.

The documents reached us in scanned form, and we could complete the registration in the target time.

There was no extra cost involved, and it was a joy to see operations start on time.